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Foggy Mountains

Hello! My name is Nikki.

I am an artist, designer, photographer, podcaster, writer, proud tree-hugger, and in 2021 I became an e-commerce shop owner.


I love creating whether with a paint brush, on a computer screen, through a lens, or something new. Creating is my passion. When it speaks, I must listen. But creating isn't all I do. When I'm not creating something new I am enjoying a peaceful meditation, "Auuummm", hiking (possibly up a 14er here in Colorado), saying affirmations, "I will succeed", enjoying a new book, sitting with my kits catching up on a favorite show, or having a new adventure in some way with my wonderful husband.


I hope my creations inspire you in some positive way. Thank you for taking the time to look at my site and supporting my small business. I truly am grateful.


Have a supercalifragilistic day. Why? Because...why not?

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